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Saving Luna's Life


The Scratch My Belly family keeps growing and we continue to rely on our fosters and supporters to keep things moving.

Today, we come to you with a very special story behind one of our SMB recruits. This is the story of Luna - We rescued Luna after the request of one of our volunteers, willing to foster a pregnant mama. Sweet Luna was rescued from the streets of Mexico and was about to pop. Like many other dogs we take into our rescue, we really don’t know what to expect regarding the health of incoming dogs.

Luna gave birth to beautiful babies and had the most fabulous care and help caring for her puppies. All the puppies were adopted into amazing homes and now it was time for Luna to get spayed and ready for her own forever loving home. During her spay surgery, the vet staff at San Diego Bay Animal hospital, noticed a nodule growing through Luna’s spleen.

A splenectomy is a very delicate surgery and biopsy is not really an option, as most spleens will not stop bleeding after biopsy procedure, what brings us to plea.

We will be hosting two events to hopefully raise $2200 for Luna’s surgery, this Saturday (9/15) at Earthwise in Carlsbad between 10 am – 2 pm, “Pampered Dogs” Dog Wash Event and on 9/29 a Garage Sale in Encinitas area.

If you please could: come to our event this Dog Wash Event, share the event with friends or ask people to donate to help us save Luna’s life please do so as we can NOT afford to take on this cost right now.

We have over 36 dogs in our little rescue, some of them are in need of a lot of assistance from us like: Jelly Beans who has seizures and we are still trying to get them under control, Marcy who has an immune system disease and we have to provide her with regular manual blood palette count, our hospice girl Queenie who is almost 17 and needs a dental to help her with her mouth and eye infection, Charlie who has cost us more than $1500 in testing to figure out what is wrong with his skin and immune system… so PLEASE, consider helping us by becoming a monthly sponsor, buying one of our HYLETE tee shirts or making a one time donation.

We are so grateful for your support in the past and we hope you will keep us in your mind when recommending a new furry friend to people you know!

With lots of love,

Frederica & the SMB Team


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