our recruits

Each one from a different background but ALL ready to LOVE

Meet our recruits and see if they are a good fit for your lifestyle. Our placement is not first come, first serve but based on the best match for our dogs.

3 y/o  F Maltipoo

SPECIAL NEEDS - Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped. River is a very smart and loving dog, perfect for adult homes and someone willing to take care of her as she needs seizure medication on a daily basis. The cost of her meds is only about $30 per month.

2 y/o  M Schnoodle mix

SPECIAL NEEDS - Pierre is a darling little schnozzle saved from the streets from Mexico. He is up to date on his vaccines, neutered and working on his potty training. He is loving and sweet and gets along with other dogs. He needs a special diet foods for kidney disease

6 m/o  F Terrier mix

Meet little Pepper, this little girl is learning how to be a dog, she is very shy with humans but loves her foster fur brother. She has had her initial vaccines and will be spayed as soon as she is a little older. She will need a calm home to continue the great improvements she has made with her foster family. 

6 y/o  F Pekenese/Terrier mix

If you are looking for a companion who has enough personality to fill a household; who has the charm of a baby, the passion of a teenager, and the temper of a toddler; who will break your heart with sweetness and make you feel like the most important person ever to walk the earth; and who needs someone very special to give her the kind of time and dedication that only a very special person could, then you should meet Bella.  


She is:

  • Around 5 years-old, 9 lbs

  • Border Terrier + Pekingese + Poodle (+ dash of Min Pin and of Shih Tzu!)

  • Snuggly, loving and people oriented

  • Hilarious and engaging, a total clown

  • Crazy athletic; will risk life and limb for her ball

  • Totally engaged and enthusiastic about life

  • Play, play, playful and fun

  • Independent. Entertains herself when you’re not in the mood

  • Calm and not destructive in the house (Although she does love a good paper towel now and then)

  • Tolerant of other dogs, doesn’t really play with them, but likes to tease and show off her ball; 

  • Leash reactive

  • Not tolerant of any small animals; high prey drive (but still can’t catch that darn seagull!)

  • Healthy and indestructible; allergy itching 

  • Highly trainable, food motivated, and…

  • Special needs.  Bella has that toddler temper and just doesn’t know how to express herself in a healthy manner, which is to say that her bite inhibition is not reliable. Coming from extreme neglect, she needs someone who will be dedicated to helping her find alternative ways of reacting and who will put in the one-on-one training she needs to make up for lost time.  She has been evaluated by animal behaviorist, Lee Wells, PhD. (wellsdogs.com), who found her to be ready, willing, and able to work on new reactions, patterns and habits.  This special girl requires experienced, advanced dog people and cannot be adopted to families with children.

  • Oh, and house trained!  Will use a piddle pad too, if necessary.


See pics and vids of her on Instagram @Adopt_Me_Bella.

Please contact Laurel, with ScratchMyBelly.org, to meet her live and in person.  

Phone:  858-449-8422   Email:  CleanSwim@pacbell.net

1-2 y/o  F Terrier mix

Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped. Minnie loves to cuddle and gets os happy when her foster mom arrives from work. She would be an amazing companion dog that is happy, funny and loving.

11 y/o  M Chi mix

Meet fun CHARLIE! Charlie loves car rides, Charlie loves snuggles, Charlie is a good dog! Charlie is a senior and will love to find a retired person or work from home situation because he really loves some lap time. Want to hug Charlie? Well Charlie loves hugs! Charlie is potty trained and he is estimated to be about 9-10 yrs old. he just had a dental cleaning so expect lots of kisses with fresh breath ;)

7 y/o  F Maltipoo mix

SPECIAL NEEDS - Spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Gracie took a bit to become available because she needed to learn that humans are kind. She will need a loving and calm home. *** She does not walk well on a leash and is more comfortable being a stay at home dog. NO KIDS

10 y/o  F Pit mix

Spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Harley was a euth-listed dog from Ramona Humane Society who melted our hearts the minute we saw her. Harley is a special girl and needs a home without other dogs. She would be an wonderful dog to a senior person and does amazing comforting her foster during doctor's appointments.

2 y/o  F Retriever mix

Spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Nala was rescued from Mexico and has had rough start in he life. She is now ready to start her new life and would love to find a home with her BFF Domingo if possible. NOT GOOD WITH CATS

2-3 y/o  F Terrier mix

Spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Daisy was saved from the streets of Mexico and she is now ready for a forever home. Daisy will be best with an active family with kids 8 and older and she would love to be the only dog (she is dog friendly, just does not want to share her human)

5-7 y/o  M Shepherd mix

Neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Domingo is best friends with Nala. Domingo is calm and gentle and a really loving boy. 

7 y/o  M Chi mix

Neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Fred came to our rescue when his senior mom passed away. He lived with another female dog and two cats. Fred will do well in a home with older kids or no kids, as them make him nervous. He is a little love nugget that will make an amazing companion to someone looking for a great buddy.


P.O.Box 3879
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067  |  1-858-344-2423

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