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Circuit Challenge for Charity with HYLETE

Why we Partner with HYLETE

HYLETE is a fitness apparel company that has taken a special interest in us at Scratch My Belly. From the moment we met with Founder, Ron Wilson, he and his team have gone above and beyond to help our little rescue grow, giving us access to their dog-loving and loyal community, and standing behind us every step of the way. We can't thank HYLETE enough for the continued support and for bringing us in for a second year of the Circuit Challenge for Charity.

A word from us at Scratch My Belly

“Scratch My Belly is excited to partner up with HYLETE for another year of the Circuit Challenge for Charity for multiple reasons. One, it brings awareness to SMB and gives people the opportunity to support the great cause of saving shelter and homeless animals. Also, the Challenge gives people another great tool to stay fit and healthy, and be part of a great community of people who make fitness fun and give back to causes they truly believe in. Scratch My Belly is excited to be part of the HYLETEnation because they believe in us and want us to grow just as much as we do!”

- Frederica Ginsberg – Founder, Scratch My Belly

Circuit Challenge for Charity

The Circuit Challenge for Charity is an annual event created to raise awareness and support for the HYLETE Charity Program, while engaging and growing the HYLETE community with a free and fun-spirited workout challenge. The primary goal of the Circuit Challenge for Charity is to raise awareness and funds for each of the participating HYLETE Charities.

To learn more about how you can join the HYLETE nation in supporting Scratch My Belly, visit

It costs $23/month to help rescue a dog. To donate directly to Scratch My Belly, visit

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