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#RescueLove - To New Beginnings

I’ve been told that shelter dogs are broken I’ve been told that there are no purebred dogs in the shelters I’ve been told that all pit bulls are killer dogs

I can tell you that shelter dogs are the best dogs ever!

One day, I clicked on a Facebook picture of a little puppy a friend had adopted, it took me to Facebook page called “Friends of Freddie”, the doors to a new world had been opened.

Living in Southern California, I couldn't imagine animals were dying the in the local shelters, how could that happen??? We are in a developed country, with educated people that should know better... Well the sad reality sunk in and before I knew I was helping by pledging on dogs, helping "recap" the threads (listing the name of pledgers and amounts) and soon I realized that I needed to ask for pledges from people too.

Fostering came naturally, I knew I had to help and I was determined to do it no matter what it took.

I have adopted dogs before just to save their lives, because I knew they deserved "a happy ending" and other rescues helped me place them.

I can't imagine closing that same door I opened when I clicked that first picture,

and I can't imagine not helping the voiceless...

I just hope that one day everyone will give it a try a see how amazing it is to save an animal's life!

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