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Volunteer Spotlight

Scratch My Belly would cease to exist without the help of our amazing volunteers. These people have graciously and selflessly opened their hearts and their homes to dogs in need of a loving, safe space during their transition from the streets or high kill shelters, to their forever homes.

Without the help of the volunteers at Scratch My Belly, the rescue would not be able to take in and help the dogs it currently does. Its volunteers are what makes Scratch My Belly tick. They are the heart of the organization, and Scratch My Belly is putting a spotlight on one volunteer in particular whose has been a champion for the rescue, and who's story is as incredible as the dogs he helps save.


Scratch My Belly is recognizing Gregg in this spotlight. Gregg has jumped into rescue wih an open heart and the willingness to help however he can, going above and beyond to ensure the dogs are taken care of. His first run was transporting a tripod dog from a shelter to San Diego. Since then he has done three other transports, including Hank, a special needs St. Bernard. Gregg took Hank for a home check to his forever home. Most recently, Gregg took on fostering for the first time. All of these characteristics are those of a true animal lover. Scratch My Belly hopes that by spotlighting Gregg, others can see that every small gesture can result in a wonderful outcome for a rescued dog. Why does Gregg volunteer? His answer is simple. To save dogs' lives. He grew up with animals and has always loved them and wanted a dog to call his own. His dream was to rescue an older dog, to give it a second chance at a loving and comfortable home. When Gregg first realized this, he went to a shelter and asked to rescue an older dog. The shelter said they didn't have any older dogs. Not wanting to accept that, he asked a friend who worked at the shelter if there were any older dogs available, to which she said she knew of one. The day before the dog was to be put down, Gregg called about the dog and never got a response. The dog was put down and this made Gregg very emotional, knowing he could have been the one to save this dog. Finally, Gregg was able to adopt a dog that lived to be over 16 years old, and spending over 15 of those years with Gregg. Since joining the Scratch My Belly team, Gregg has transported 4 dogs and is now fostering a dog named Elton (pictured here). At first, fostering was difficult, as Gregg has his own health issues. After losing both a family member and his own dog last year, he wasn't sure if he was ready to foster. This uncertainty was overpowered by his love of dogs and his desire to help them in any way possible. He has found a sense of community and friendship within the rescue world. He enjoys the companionship Elton brings, and it gives him a sense of purpose. When going on walks with Elton, it gives him the opportunity to talk with others about fostering and adopting, and how it is much more simple to foster than people may think. When asked about fostering, Gregg says, "Fostering may be difficult in some ways, but hugely fulfilling and very important. I encourage everyone to consider fostering. Most people don't realize that the rescue pays for everything. All you have to do is give your love and companionship." Gregg's passion for saving dogs is the reason he is such a great volunteer. He believes that every dog deserves a chance and that they should be treated as a friend or family. With so many dogs being put in high-skill shelters, especially in metropolis areas, it is our duty to make sure they go to safe homes. Even if you can't adopt, you can donate to rescues like Scratch My Belly to gives these dogs a second chance at life.


Interested in fostering a dog? Go to our forms page at and fill out an application to become eligible to foster a dog. We need all the help we can get at Scratch My Belly, and it is a great opportunity to take in an incredible dog who needs a loving home.


HYLETE is a performance apparel company that has opened its arms to help Scratch My Belly. You can contribute to Scratch My Belly to help save these animals by purchasing the Scratch My Belly tri-blend tee. 50% of revenue of the Scratch My Belly tees will be donated to Scratch My Belly.

Here is the link to purchase a Scratch My Belly tri-blend tee:

You can cotribute to Scratch My Belly to help save these animals by purchasing the Scratch My Belly tri-blend tee. 50% of revenue of the Scratch My Belly tees will be donated to Scratch My

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