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Zoey - From Mess to Beauty

February 25, 2015

When we rescued Zoey from SBC shelter this year it was hard to believe that such a beauty was under a big matted coat. She was extremelly skinny and scared but willing to give us a chance to take her in and show her what loves really is meant to be.


This beauty found an amazing home in San Diego and the best thing is that we get keep in touch with her family with updates.

Elizabeth - When all hope has been lost

June 30, 2015

Elizabeth was our first save from Carson Shelter, her medical condition was heartbreaking and we hoped for the best when we decided to help her.


Elizabeth, a middle aged maltipoo, had severe mange and we knew there were a lot of other underlined medical conditions along with that. With a commited foster in hand, we took the leap of faith and rescued Elizabeth.


Upon her arrival, her condition was far worse than expected, her skin was raw, her ears oozing, and she was blind. After many months of treatment, we have seen Elizabeth bloom into a beautiful little gem that loves sun bathing and attention. She is dog, cat and kid friendly, and she is still waiting for her forever loving home.

Dixie & Koa - Free on Craigslist

February 10, 2014

When browsing Craigslist you never know what you are going to find, but in this case, finding these two beautiful purebred American Bulldogs for FREE wasn't really what I was expecting.


Dixie and Koa, were initially owned by a military family, the broken family lost their military housing and the dogs were left behind living in someone's garage until a solution was found... The owner of these incredibly beautiful and well behaved dogs had decided to give them up while serving a term in Africa. The caregiver had decided to find them a home by giving them for free.


The minute I saw them, I had nothing other in my heart other than the determination to save them. After over $1000 in boarding and other vet expenses, working in partnership with Legends Rescue, they found the most amazing home together.  Sometimes, all it takes it is determination and love.

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